1) We build STRONG kitchens: Most outdoor kitchen contractors use raw metals, wood, or block for their frame structure’s. Those materials are prone to rust, being flammable, mold or mildew. We use galvanized structural steel studs for the frames for your kitchen so it can handle more weight, wont rust, wont mildew and is non-combustible. Built like no other!!


 3) We build mold-resistant kitchens. We work with PermaBase cement board because it’s mold-proof and is designed to be used both indoors and outdoors. Other outdoor kitchen contractors have been known to use indoor-rated HardieBacker cement board, which is too flimsy and mold-prone for outdoor use.


 4) We do free, 3D designs and on-site consultations. We know budget is a big concern when it comes to home renovation projects. Our estimates are priced per linear foot and line itemized charges so there is no GUESS work or hidden costs. 

20180106_134013 (1).jpg

5) WE ARE ON THE LEVEL!!! We level your outdoor kitchen and use the same 1/2” concrete board and composite shims to build up the island and make it level. Most competitors DON’T level at all, they just drop and go.


6) Our cantilever bar is 12” deep. Most companies can only offer a 6” to 10” cantilever due inferior products and lack of metal bracing. With a 15” deep bar top you have more room for your plates and utensils plus extra leg space.


7) You have options. We offer delivery and installation options that range from completely hands-on for the DIY professional or we have a list of contractors that can finish your project for those who’d rather just get grillin.